Willamette River surveys are channel-line and cross-line surveys from the mouth to the Morrison Bridge. Channel-line surveys are survey lines which run parallel to the channel, 7 lines across, 150 feet apart. Cross-line surveys are lines that run perpendicular to the channel, bank-to-bank and are generally 500 feet apart.

Survey data is referenced to Oregon North State Plane Coordinates North American Data 1983 with sounding reference below Columbia River datum (CRD) in U.S. Survey Feet to above Bonneville Dam where the soundings are referred to minimum operating pool elevation.

Willamette Entrance to Broadway Bridge

   Survey title Survey date Survey date
       Sheet number    River mile Channel line Cross line
   Entrance-Post Office Range 09/18/2023 06/01/2010
       WR_01_WR1    00+00 to 03+25 PDF XYZ Shape PDF XYZ Shape
   Post Office Range-Mile 7.5 09/19/2023 06/01/2010
       WR_02_WR2    03+25 to 07+30 PDF XYZ Shape PDF XYZ Shape
   Mile 7.5-Broadway Bridge 09/21/2023 06/02/2010
       WR_03_WR3    07+30 to 11+30 PDF XYZ Shape PDF XYZ Shape
   Broadway Bridge-Morrison 03/27/2023  
       WR_04_B2M    07+30 to 11+30 PDF XYZ Shape