Survey data is referenced to Oregon North State Plane Coordinates North American Data 1983 with sounding reference below Mean Lower Low Water in U.S. Survey Feet to Miller Sands where the sounding reference changes to Columbia River datum.

Columbia River Side Channels
   Survey title Survey date
       Sheet number    River mile Channel or Cross line
Baker Bay West Channel
   Entrance to Fort Canby 02/19/2019
       CM_01_BB1    00+10 to 01+50 PDF XYZ Shape
   Fort Canby to Ilwaco 02/19/2019
       CM_02_BB2    01+50 to 03+10 PDF XYZ Shape
Chinook Channel
   Chinook Channel 03/16/2019
       CM_05_CHK    00+20 to 02+00 PDF XYZ Shape
Hammond Boat Basin
   Hammond Boat Basin 05/27/2014
       CM_08_HMB    Boat Basin PDF XYZ Shape
Skipanon Channel
   Skipanon Channel 02/20/2019
       CM_09_SKP    00+00 to 02+00 PDF XYZ Shape
Cathlamet Bay
   Entrance 02/11/2017
       CM_11_CBY    00+00 to 01+40 PDF XYZ Shape
Skamokawa Creek
   Skamokawa Creek 12/08/2018
       CM_15_SKC    00+00 to 00+16 PDF XYZ Shape
Wahkiakum Ferry Crossing
   Wahkiakum Ferry Crossing 04/22/2019
       CM_16_WFC    43+10 Crossing PDF XYZ Shape
Westport Slough
   Westport Slough 04/22/2019
       CM_17_WSL    43+10 Crossing PDF XYZ Shape
Cowlitz River
   Old Mouth 05/14/2019
       CZ_00_CWM    00+00 to 00+33 PDF XYZ Shape
Oregon Slough Upper
   Oregon Slough Upper 12/03/2018
       CM_20_OSU    05+42 to 06+45 PDF XYZ Shape